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Choosing Dental CE can be confusing and overwhelming: the cost, travel, and time commitments can be a burden. You’re not alone. We’ve been asking ourselves for a long time why there isn’t a place for dentists to call home, a place for discussion, learning, and mentorship. We are a learning community with one goal – provide you with the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Stribe is the tribe that strives for more than just “good enough”.

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“The Box”


So, you bought a camera, or you’re thinking about buying a camera (just do it already).

Now what?


Go take a look at your dental supplier’s catalog for retractors, then come back to this page. We’ll wait.

Confused yet?


We spent countless hours determining what should be in a photography kit in order to elevate your clinical photos to the next level. Outside of owning a camera and a flash, we put all the essentials in this box. We wanted to make sure the contents of this box were something we would feel comfortable using (and we do), and at an affordable price.



Introducing the Stribe Photography Kit.

What’s in the box:

  • 4 Large Separated Retractors

  • 4 Small Separated Retractors

  • 2 Connected Retractors

  • 1 Black Photo Contrastor

  • 1 Double Sided Occlusal Mirror

  • 1 Black Fabric Background


Oh and did we mention, it comes with unlimited access to Dr. Andi Miro’s Clinical Photography course?


So go ahead, buy that camera, then buy the box. Spend some quality time with Dr. Andi and take those clinical photos to the heights you’ve always imagined.

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Upcoming Webinar

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You asked. We delivered.

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Why Stribe?

9/10 Dentists agree that there is a lot of noise in the continuing education space. We aren’t just a place for you to watch webinars, or discover new speakers, or learn more about the field. We are a community. A group of people who think we are the luckiest people on earth to treat our patients. We want the best for them, and we want the best for ourselves. Stribe wants to foster the dental community, to bring us closer together, to push each other to reach our potential, and to lean on each other as we figure it all out.

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