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Digital Photography Tips, Tricks and Pearls with Dr. Andi Miro


Dental Photography is one of the most important aspects in communicating with patients, specialists and ceramists alike. In order to achieve ideal aesthetic outcomes in every case mastering a digital camera is crucial. By breaking down the camera anatomy and mastering the settings of a camera we can improve our photography which in turn improves our overall patient experience making communication on all levels easier.

Participants when completing this course will be able to understand:

⁃ Camera Anatomy

⁃ Setting up camera

⁃ Understanding and controlling F-Stop, ISO, Shutter Speed

⁃ Ideal Photography protocol

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Facial Aesthetic Design: Our Workflow with Dr. Michael Apa


“Begin with the end in mind”. In order to achieve true “minimally invasive” dentistry, you must adhere to this adage. Direct Aesthetic Provisional Application (D-APA), is the tool in which we use to visualize the end result before we touch the hand piece. This technique utilizes flowable composite intraorally to manipulate the smile design in real time. Once finished, this provisional will serve as a preparation guide, and the framework for provisional matrix. By creating this in the patients mouth in real time, we are creating a blueprint for the execution of the case. Once approved by the patient and provider, the master ceramist will bring it to life with color, texture, and detail. This workflow allows the lab technician to create from a frame of reference based in reality, minimizing guesswork for predictable results, every time. 


Minimally Invasive Tooth Preparation with Dr. Carlos Carvalho


Lecturing live from Salvador/Bahia, Brazil!
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Minimally Invasive Tooth Preparation and Temporization

When making clinical decisions there are many factors to consider for long term longevity of our restorations. Understanding the literature and what gives each case the best longevity is key to long term clinical success. During this course we will discuss preparation design and use live video to show how teeth should be prepared in different clinical situations. Developing a clinical protocol and diagnostic parameters help us as clinicians to make educated decisions for each patient that entrusts us to care for them.


The objective of the course is to develop the following skills:

  • Key diagnostic skills in order to treatment plan appropriately
  • Understanding true minimal tooth preparation based on the final positions and design
  • Finish line preparation and how to ensure proper preparation design based on material selection
  • Keys and technique to creating hyper-realistic temporaries as a smile test drive

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New Patient Experience with Dr. Andi Miro


With the increased desire for cosmetic dentistry on the rise now more than ever efficiency and case diagnostics are key to maintaining happy patients and a successful practice. Having specific and systematic protocol that delivers predictable results every time is critical to case acceptance success.

During this course you will understand and master the following:

  • New patient cosmetic consultation documentation
  • Digital blueprint
  • Consultation mockup
  • Critical photography protocol
  • Treatment planning
  • How to improve case acceptance
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The Future of Ceramic with Murilo Calgaro


With the world of cosmetic dentistry evolving rapidly on a daily basis it is important the dental team evolves to meet the rising expectations of both patients and practitioners. By creating a predictable lab workflow and using digital tools we can create a system that is both predictable and repeatable from case to case. We will discuss at length the Apa Lab model protocol and lab workflow that allows us predictable results with every case.

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