Facial Aesthetic Design: Our Workflow with Dr. Michael Apa


“Begin with the end in mind”. In order to achieve true “minimally invasive” dentistry, you must adhere to this adage. Direct Aesthetic Provisional Application (D-APA), is the tool in which we use to visualize the end result before we touch the hand piece. This technique utilizes flowable composite intraorally to manipulate the smile design in real time. Once finished, this provisional will serve as a preparation guide, and the framework for provisional matrix. By creating this in the patients mouth in real time, we are creating a blueprint for the execution of the case. Once approved by the patient and provider, the master ceramist will bring it to life with color, texture, and detail. This workflow allows the lab technician to create from a frame of reference based in reality, minimizing guesswork for predictable results, every time. 



With offices in New York, Dubai, and Los Angeles, and a line of luxury oral care cosmetics, Dr. Apa is fulfilling his vision to bring the very best in aesthetic dentistry to a global clientele. Dr. Apa upended modern dentistry with his revolutionary new approach known as facial aesthetic design and his inventive techniques to create the most natural smile possible.

His work has created a counterculture in aesthetic dentistry that draws the highest echelon of talent from around the globe to join his team.

Leading with his passion for aesthetics and demanding the best at every turn for his patients, his innovative methods have transformed what is possible in aesthetics and successfully ushered dentistry into the luxury market.

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Date: June 20, 2020

Start time: 15:00 EDT

End time: 16:30 EDT