Going Digital with Implant Temporization with Dr. Eduardo De Aguiar


Lecturing live from New York, NY!
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Going Digital with Implant Temporization

Digital Dentistry is a fact of life. It is advancing at a rapid rate, and becoming an integral part of dentistry workflows around the globe. This lecture cannot be missed for any practicing dentist, as Dr. De Aguiar takes us through his digital workflow for planning and temporizing implants. Whether you are a specialist or a GP, Dr. De Aguiar’s expertise is sure to provide you with invaluable tips and pearls, as well as expand your horizons for what is possible with digital dentistry.


The objective of the course is to develop the following skills:

  • Understand and incorporate a Digital Workflow
  • Properly Treatment plan and design implant cases
  • Temporize implants in a predictable and biomimetic fashion
  • Keys and technique to creating hyper-realistic temporaries

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Dr. Eduardo De Aguiar is a man that needs no introduction. You may know him from his massively successful Photography course, “When the Pictures Really Matter”, or his stunning instagram account which details his complex and beautiful cases. Dr. De Aguiar a Dental Implantologist from Universidad Católica, Argentina, and he is currently a professor in the Implant Master Program, the Periodontics department, AND he is the Dean of Dental Implants & Aesthetic program at the Santa Maria University.

Event Details

Date: December 13, 2020

Start time: 12:00 p.m. EST

End time: 01:00 p.m. EST