Who We Are

We’re dentists, just like you.


We’ve fumbled, we’ve made mistakes, we’ve spent money on courses we didn’t like, and we’ve felt alone in the profession at one point. We were primarily motivated to build something that we want to use; something we felt was missing in the profession. Dentistry needs a comprehensive place for learning, fueled by the members that give it life. Facebook groups, and instagram live is fun, but as healthcare professionals, we deserve better than that. Our profession deserves a community that wants to learn, and spend time around others with the same aspirations. A place to call home.

Our Values

Your Success

  • We are ultimately invested in your success. We want you to grow and embark on a journey together, regardless of our physical distance. Achieve your goals, step outside of your comfort zone, and push yourself to be the best you can be.

The Tribe

  • The community is such an important aspect to us. Our field relies on communication with each other so that we can provide the absolute best care for our patients. We must share ideas, discuss, debate, and connect with one another. Our success is predicated on the strength of our community.


  • Full disclosure about how we source our speakers. We will share our plans with you for the future, our mistakes, our victories, and the lessons we learn along the way. Maintaining an open line of communication is of the utmost importance to us.


  • Do no harm. Remember that? We do, too. We’d never invite a speaker on, or spread information in order to satisfy a vendor, company or product that we didn’t truly believe in. Everything we say, we subscribe to. This platform is not about politics, hidden agendas, or passive aggression towards others.

Work, but Play

  • Dentistry is fun. Some days are hard, but if we find ourselves losing the sense of joy in treating patients then something has gone terribly wrong. One of our core values is to revitalize our profession and remind everyone that we were once bright-eyed college students praying for an acceptance letter. It’s all about creating your own happiness.




“There is no joy in mediocre dentistry.”

– Dr. John Kois

Teaching Tribe

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